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spacer gif Barnsley Building Society
Offering a range of services which have been split into three different categories: Savings and investment, mortgages and loans, and other related financial services matters.

Bath Investment Building Society
Dealing with mortgages, investments and other financial services in the UK.

Beverley Building Society
Taking pride in meeting your needs.

Bradford & Bingley Building Society
We are always busy behind the scenes making sure our financial services are accessible to everyone, of all ages.

Britannia Building Society
Constantly striving to find new ways to support you in dealing with changing demands we all face in life today.

Century Building Society
Mortgages/Investments tailored to your needs, not ours!

Chesham Building Society
Far better for being near to you.

Cheshire Building Society
Committed to mutuality.

Coventry Building Society
More and more members benefiting from even better rates.

Darlington Building Society
Looking after all your financial interests.

Dudley Building Society

Dunfermline Building Society

Ecology Building Society
Dedicated to improving the environment by promoting sustainable housing and sustainable communities.

Furness Building Society
Offering products and services of excellent value and responding to our members needs.

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society
Our future clearly lies in providing the benefits of mutuality to our members who are of course, our customers.

Ipswich Building Society
A great deal closer to home!

Kent Reliance Building Society
where people really matter.

Lambeth Building Society
Our ISA is no standard CAT.

Leeds & Holbeck Building Society
It pays to belong.

Leek United Building Society
Save with us...we want your money to GROW!

Loughborough Building Society
The big society that lives locally.

Manchester Building Society
Welcome to the Manchester Building Society. In these days of demutualisation, it's refreshing to know that there are still some building societies that have remained true to their founding principles.

Market Harborough Building Society
Offering only 'traditional' savings, loans and insurance products. Concentrating on core services only - not diversifying into banking, estate agency,stockbrocking etc.

Marsden Building Society
Seeking to merge its personal service with product innovation to create flexibility to its members.

Melton Mowbray Building Society
A mutual building society for the benefit of the people of Melton Mowbray and the surrounding area.

National Counties Building Society
A mutual organisation run for the benefit of its customers. It is the UK's largest single office building society.

Nationwide Building Society
The largest building society in the world and is committed to staying mutual.

Newbury Building Society
A user-friendly site, offering the highest standard of service.

Newcastle Building Society
One of the strongest mutual building societies in the UK, providing innovative products and services to its members.

Norwich and Peterborough Building Society
Established for the mutual benefits of its members. A very clear and precise web site!

Nottingham Building Society
We're better off together

Portman Building Society
The third oldest building society in the UK.

Principality Building Society
Being committed to remaining a mutual organisation the Society reinforces this by making investment and mortgage rates more competitive for existing and future members.

Saffron Walden Herts & Essex Building Society
Offering mortgage and further advance services and a very competitive range of investment and savings accounts.

Scottish Building Society
In today's changing market, it is important to carefully select a building society which gives you good value for money and real peace of mind.

Simply Postal
The 'by post only' division of the Lambeth Building Society.

Skipton Building Society
Dedicated to meeting your individual financial needs.

Stafford Railway Building Society
Offering sensible loans and investment at sensible rates to sensible people.

Stroud & Swindon Building Society
Committed to the very highest standard of service. Looking after you personally.

Teachers' Building Society
A flexible approach and with quick decisions available from the Society.

Universal Building Society

West Bromwich Building Society
Committed to staying mutual for the benefit of the community it serves.

Yorkshire Building Society
They are with you 100%. Clean and easily accessible site.

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